Some visuals….

The lads were here a few months ago before the weather went to shit. Too bad the weather is awful here or I’d be going skating tonight:

Josh Stewart has release a trailer for Static 4. Can’t wait….

Here’s a short clip of The Triangle Gang doing their thing:

R.I.P. Little Matt

Our love deeply goes out to our long time friend and skateboarder Matt Bell and his family for the awful loss of his son Matt Jr. I remember Little Matt at skate demos when he was waddling around as a toddler. He grew up to be a good skateboarder and was always a cool kid when I saw him around through the years. All the cliches people say about enjoying life apply. R.I.P.


Bordeaux Exposure

Our friend Julien in Bordeaux has a new film premiering February 19. Leo Valls & Masaki Ui are in it along with many other Bordeaux locals. In the meantime peep some more of Julien’s work here.