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Here are some words from the good Doctor Isaac McKay-Randozzi about his photograph:

At the base of these buildings in New York there are strange discolorations on the walls and edges of knee high ledges. Dark gray/black arches on parts of the wall and ground down ledges encrusted with wax and black residue stains. While small compared to the building as a whole, the property managers and owners seem to think it an issue of some importance. Our marks are hieroglyphics, a cypher code telling others of our cloth that they are welcome here. At least for a little while. The tell-tale signs, black rainbows and aluminum speckled ledges let us know previous paths of fun. Ours is not a religion of self-repression, but one that loves those who think outside the box. The marks inspire others to get that high, grind that long and have that much fun. And while our leavings make others pause, scratch their asses and heads because they have no idea what made them. We know the smiles behind them.

Photo series available now

It is our pleasure to announce the latest series of wheels. We are honored to feature photos from some of our favorite photographers. Huge thanks to the following collaborators:

Isaac McKay-Randozzi of Equal Distribution and My Dumb Luck

Colin Sussingham from Sundays Zine.

As always Prize Fighter Cutlery’s Art Director Nadia Standard at Standard Design (who is hard at work on the next Prize Fighter series as I type).

You can now purchase wheels here.