Winter Update

One way to spend the snow blind days inside until we can get out and play again. Painting by Pheos, who is a long time member of the Prize Fighter family and contributor. He is the artist responsible for the ‘Butterfly & Bees’ wheel series.

The ability to create from a piece of wood, metal & wheels bolted together goes a long way. A big reason the people involved in Prize Fighter have found each other is creativity. Skateboarding might the root of it all, but there seems to be a common denominator that we all have found creative voices beyond riding a skateboard in our lives. These other talents often have awakened from our lives as a skateboarder. It’s the ability to see and think different. Evan Kinori is top notch in skateboarding and otherwise.

Evan Kinori / Jack Knife • “The Reversible Jacket” from Jarod Taber on Vimeo.