Founded in New York during the Fall of 2006, Prize Fighter Cutlery is an underground skateboard wheel brand. We do not have a financial backer or dirty money. Prize Fighter is funded on honesty, creativity and D.I.Y. ethos.  Our inspiration and emphasis is one hundred percent real skateboarding.  The pure act of skateboarding feeds us. Style, chaos, personality, individuality, art, music and film are just a small part of Prize Fighter’s genetic code.  Skateboarding is more than tricks, sponsors, contests and money.  Prize Fighter strives to capture the essence of skateboarding in a way that’s true to anyone who feels the need to roll down the street, carve a pool or bomb a hill.

Much more than a set of shrink-wrapped wheels-we have produced limited edition packaging often hand painted, stamped and even sewed to keep things exciting and unique. Our graphics are always a mix of graphic design and hand drawn artwork.

The urethane is top grade and manufactured in America by one of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry.

Survival never goes out of style.